Hello there. I’m Kate, the aspiring writer and sometime Change, Transformation and project professional who has decided to commit fully to learning more about and improving at the beautiful art of writing along with sharing my fascination with life in general.

A little bit about me:

I am close to being obsessed with people. Sounds weird? Hmmm… ok, maybe ‘I am fascinated by people’ would be a better way of putting it. The way we interact, love, hate, laugh cry, support, attack and ‘all other behaviours’ with one another.

I am not an academic or qualified expert – this will become apparent. However, as I am an actual person, maybe I am qualified to witter on about ‘us’.

I started this blog because I want more discourse with a like-minded community of humans. Note that the only pre-requisite for getting involved is that you’re ‘human’. And they say I don’t have high standards. Pah!

I swear a bit. Sometimes.

I’ve had, and battered, cancer twice since 2008.

Laughing and loving are my two favourite things to do in life. End of story.

If you have a passion for people, how we communicate, how we don’t communicate and reading the never-on-the-fence views of a slightly feisty ‘strawberry blonde Brit, then this blog is for you. I promise only to be engaged and open to all views whether I ultimately end up agreeing with them or not.

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