Hello there. I’m Kate, the writer and sometime IT, Sourcing, Project Jack-of-all-trades woman, who has finally committed to writing. There. I said it. Not trying. Doing.

I will definitely be more bad than good, but I’m overjoyed to be doing it.

I love communicating with others. I like to think I’m good and I’m a “people person”. I just made myself vomit with the WHOPPING air quotes there. It’s true though. Love people. Chatting to them, writing to them, watching them. Whatever.

I write a lot about the every day and how it makes me feel or how I’ve reacted to a particular situation. Is that worth sharing? Don’t know. Am gonna though.

Would love you to engage, comment, agree, disagree civilly (or get an arse kicking) with me on here.

Thank you.